Tuesday, January 12, 2010

50 Blogging Ideas

What's the hardest thing about blogging? Coming up with fresh, new content! And you have to publish new posts frequently - twice a week at the very least - to keep readers interested and earn search engine love.

If you're feeling stuck, here is a list of 50 blogging ideas that are sure to inspire you to come up with new content for your blog. Most of the ideas can be used more than once, so you won't run out of blog posts for months to come.

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1. Special events - Relate your blog topic to a special event, national day of, or holiday.

2. News - Subscribe to Google news alert on your keywords and write about the latest news in your niche.

3. Book review.

4. Respond to a post on another blog in a niche similar or related to yours.

5. Blog milestone - Write about your blogging milestones, such as publishing your 100th post, getting your 1000th comment....

6. Niche heroes -Blog about a person who made a positive contribution in your niche.

7. Blog memes - Join in blog memes such as "Wordless Wednesday". There's at least one for every day of the week!

8. Product review - An excellent way to work in some affiliate links.

9. FAQs in your niche - Write a short Q & A based on FAQs about your niche.

10. Blog comment response - Write a long and expanded response to a comment on your blog.

11. Predict trends - What do you see happening in your niche in a year? 5 years?

12. Historical view - What was your niche in the past? Or what past event influenced your niche?

13. Top tips on any topic of interest to your readers.

14. Best of... - A good year ender, make a list of your best posts for the year.

15. Contests - Organize a contest for your blog readers, or make a list of contests your readers can join.

16. What I learned from... a current event, a person you met, or an experience you had.

17. Definitions - Define terms that are commonly used in your niche but a beginner may not understand

18. New products - Not a review but simply an announcement of a new product relevant to your niche. This is another good opportunity to drop in some affiliate links.

19. Biggest problem - Ask your readers what their biggest problem is about your blog topic or niche. They post their answers in the comments section.

20. Biggest problem follow up - Summarize the comments from #19 in another post.

21. Biggest problem follow up series - Write a separate blog post tackling each question from #19.

22. Interview somebody knowledgeable in your niche, or has succeeded in it, or is otherwise interesting to your readers.

23. Big list - Compile a big list of various resources, just like this one. The bigger the better!

24. Reader Survey - Put up a brief survey online and blog about the results.

25. Be provocative. Challenge a common belief or widely accepted idea in your niche.

26. New idea - What new idea about your blog topic or niche have you come across lately?

27. YouTube - Embed a funny, moving or insightful video on YouTube. You can even have a "video day" once a week.

28. YouTube version 2 - Make YOUR own YouTube video. Publish it on YouTube then embed on your blog. This way, you can attract traffic from YouTube to your blog.

29. Freebie - Scour the 'net for freebies that your readers will love. Or create a freebie of your own, such as a checklist or special report.

30. Personal story - Use a personal story to illustrate an important concept or principle in your niche.

31. Free to publish articles - Check out relevant articles in article directories such as Ezine Articles... but don't publish them entirely on your blog. Instead, use an article or a group of articles as your take-off point for a blog post, or several.

32. Link love - This is a post with links to other blogs. Some bloggers set aside one day a week to publish a list of the best blog posts on their topic.

33. Photo - A picture is worth thousand words, right? Search Flickr for creative commons pictures that your readers will like.

34. Hot topics - Look at Digg for hot topics in your niche

35. Pros and cons - Examine what's good and bad about something related to your blog topic

36. Respond to relevant questions you find in Ask.com

37. Guest post - Invite another blogger to write a guest post for your blog

38. Reader's post - Invite blog subscribers to submit an article or post to be published on the blog

39. Inspirational post - Write a motivational post for your readers.

40. Update an old post with fresh ideas, new learnings and current research findings.

41. Beginner's guide - What do beginners in your niche struggle with? Write a post to guide them through it.

42. Best list - Patterned after "best dressed lists" make a list of the best ___ in your niche.

43. Worst list - Make your version of the "worst dressed list" for your niche.

44. New uses for - Think of new ways your readers can use gadgets and other stuff.

45. Write about a live event that you attended and what you learned from it.

46. Bribe post - Bribe your readers with a freebie in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter or RSS feed.

47. Around the world - Compare how people in different countries do something related to your niche.

48. Seasonal - Relate the month or season to your blog topic.

49. Blog carnival - Join or host a blog carnival, where several publish posts about the same topic on the same day.

50. Host a virtual "conference" on your blog - Invite "speakers" to publish their post on a specified date and time. Q&A happens in the comments section.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Choosing the right home accessories

All interior designers will agree that they key to a pulled-together home design is selecting the right accessories.

Accessories reflect one’s personal touch, giving the home its distinct mark. Today’s look calls for stylish, yet practical decorative accessories.

“They trend now leans towards relaxed lifestyle furnishing,” says Karen Lund, co-owner of Two of US Interiors, a leading decorating firm in the US.” People want their home to be a place where they can relax.”

Leather and other natural materials, such as bamboo and rattan along with light canvas awnings and breezy curtains are hall-marks of a cozy home, So are wooden floors and furniture.

So how do you go about making the right choices?

For starters, strive for visual unity. If a room is formal, steer clear of rustic collectibles. Likewise, beautiful, delicate porcelains are out of place in a casual room.

An element of surprise is always good. For example, a few antiques in an otherwise contemporary setting create a welcome visual change. They remove the predictability in the furnishings and provide a visual accent.

All accessories, be they personal treasures or objects chosen specifically for the room, should be compatible with the decorating style of the home.

The items should relate in some way to the color scheme and to the overall mood of the room.

How do you make sure your home has an all-together look?

First, go from room to room and list and gather the things you currently own that might work as home decorating accessories.

“Don’t forget pictures and keepsakes that may be stored in your bodega or garage. You may find some use for them too. Books and art are good starters. Books display the interest of the owner, as well as make the room feel homey. An art object-be it a painting, sculpture, wall accent or figurine – will always enhance a room.”

Family photos are also welcome and certainly add a personal touch. The frames used are important, as frame style should complement both room and picture.

Finally, look for unusual or unexpected home decorating accessories to really stamp your mark. Work with an interior designer if you must, to find a motif or color scheme that you like. Work towards crating a feeling of continuity throughout your home.

Hang up your frames, wall décor, accent and accessories with an array of 3M Mounting Products with Command Strips, which can carry as heavy as 1 lb (for small) and 3 lbs (for medium).

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